Care And Security For Those Who Need It

Who Are We?

The Foundation provides the essential needs of the marginalized elderly since 1995. Now includes various programs for the elderly in the community.

As a developing country, the Philippines strives to meet the welfare needs of its senior citizenry. Social services are, however, sorely lacking and hardly ever reach the marginalized elderly who struggle to survive in countless rural communities nationwide .With this as a premise, Sinag was established for the purpose of addressing such social inequity and has been steadfastly serving the community since 1994.An accredited ngo of the DSWD, sinag operates/maintains its own residential facility where our staff and caregivers provide for all the needs of those under our care.Our residential facility is nestled high in the foothills of Mount Banahaw where the weather is suitable for the care and convalescence of our wards on their way to re-integration with the community.


Comprehensive Health Care

Addresses the needs of the neglected elderly. Sinag delivers all these essential services at our facilities i.e. board, lodging, burial as well as professional medical guidance and management. It remains Sinag’s primary commitment.

Day Care/Sit-in

Daytime supervision and care of the elderly in our facility where the ward is encouraged to intermingle with the general population to promote both physical and mental activity. (7 AM-5 PM Daily)

Dissemination of medical equipment/devices

Walkers, crutches, commodes, oxygen tanks and attachments, nebulizers,wheelchairs and suction machines among others, are made available and lent tothe client and community as and when needed.


Recommend and/or provide competent nurses (RN) and care givers who have undergone training on Sinag’s standards.

Private Assisted Living

Provides independent accommodations and the full range of geriatric services for those who require particular care and attention. Sinag’s team determines the appropriate medical and healthcare management plan responsive to the requirements of the family.

Subsidized Training

Encourages voluntary service from individuals who wish to enhance competency. Sinag provides both board and lodging at no cost during the period of training and officially certifies the minimum (200 hrs) service time performed.


Sinag Kalinga Foundation is a non-profit entity whose mission is to provide senior citizens with proper lodging, healthcare, and support.

We exist to help seniors who are homeless and those who have no one to take care of them.

However, we cannot do this alone. We need your help!

We need support from you whether it would be financial or any other. Your help will go a long way for our senior citizens.

We are committed to continued growth. Our facilities, equipment, and other related utilities require regular improvement to better deliver our high standards of health care services.